"So I will tell you this once be ready because a storm is a brewing and you will be killed."
Miranda Tate to Typhuss James Kira, 2378, on the coming Xindi War

The Xindi War, also known as the Federation-Xindi War, was a six-year interstellar conflict between the United Federation of Planets and the Xindi-Suliban Alliance, and later the Breen Confederacy after they joined the war on the Xindi-Suliban Alliance side in 2383, which ocurred between the years 2379 and 2385. The war resulted in a bloody, hard win, with a Federation Alliance victory over the Xindi, the Suliban, and the Breen. There remained a catastrophic death toll for all powers involved.


Federation AllianceEdit

Xindi/Suliban AllianceEdit

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