William Adama
William Adama
William Adama in 2258
Vital statistics
Rank Lieutenant
Gender Male
Species Human
Affliation United Federation of Planets
Position Helmsman
Location USS Aurora

William Adama is a male Human trained by Starfleet to be a shuttle and fighter pilot. He currently holds the rank of Lieutenant and is known by the callsign Husker. William Adama is the son of Joseph and Evelyn Adama. He was named after his deceased half-brother and their paternal grandfather. His father was a criminal defense lawyer who later specialized in civil liberties cases, while his mother was an accountant and Joseph's personal legal assistant. He was raised in Qualai, a small coastal community. Just before the Narada attacked Vulcan William Adama engaged in a relationship with Lieutenant Jaycie McGavin. However, she died when her ship was destroyed at Vulcan.

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