Weaver class

A Weaver class starship

The Weaver class was a relatively small starship employed by the Tholian Assembly in the 22nd century.


In 2152, making an unusual move, the Tholians traveled far beyond their territory, as they attempted to possess a 31st century time-travel pod discovered by the Earth starship Enterprise. Four Tholian starships intercepted and disabled the Vulcan cruiser Tal'Kir while it waited to rendezvous with Enterprise. They also attacked and defeated a fleet of Suliban vessels that were in pursuit of the arriving Earth ship. They then successfully removed the pod from Enterprise's possession, only to have the pod return to its proper timeline moments later.

In the mirror universe, numerous Tholian starships were encountered by the ISS Enterprise in 2155. A single vessel of this class was no match for an NX-class vessel, though several of these vessels were capable of destroying such a vessel, particularly when employing a Tholian web. These vessels later discovered Enterprise's illegal presence in the Vintaak system, attempting to steal the USS Defiant. Several of these ships encased Enterprise with a web, then proceeded to destroy it with weapons fire. These vessels later attempted to block the Defiant to prevent its theft, only to be destroyed.

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