The USS Sun Tzu (NCC-23275) is a Daedalus-class battlecruiser, which came into service in the year 2385. It is the first ship manned by the Chinese.


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In 2385, after discovering the super-hive was heading to Earth, the SGC dispatched the USS Apollo and the USS Sun Tzu, Earth's only two available ships to stop it. The two 304s engaged the hive ship in battle, but did very little damage before the hive ship departed for Earth. The Apollo lost her engines and would take a month to reach the nearest Stargate. In contrast, the Sun Tzu was crippled and began venting atmosphere, forcing the Apollo to take her crew aboard. Colonel Abraham Ellis broadcast a message detailing the fate of the two ships and their failure to stop the super-hive.

Following the battle, the Sun Tzu is abandoned in space, too badly damaged to repair right away. Around a month later, General Samantha Carter tells Teyla Emmagan and Colonel John Sheppard that the Sun Tzu has yet to be salvaged and they still have to if they can, indicating that the ship may have been damaged beyond repair.


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