The USS Prometheus (also known as the X-303 and later BC-303) was a BC-303 class starship. Prometheus was the first, and for a long time the only, deep-space battleship built by Stargate Command. The Prometheus entered service in 2366. The ship was operated by Starfleet, and her crew consisted of Starfleet personnel. Operationally, Prometheus fell under the purview of the Office of Homeworld Security. She also relied on some Goa'uld technology, most notably the Transportation rings.

Since the ship's destruction in 2378, Prometheus has remained the sole 303-class ship to be constructed, the planned BC-303 series having been rendered obsolete by the 304 battlecruiser, an altogether superior vessel. In what came to be the ship's first mission, the Asgard took the X-303 to the Othala in the hope that it could be used to trap the Replicators inside a time dilation field. During this mission, the Asgard also modified the ship's shields and engines to their maximum potential. After the successful completion of this mission, the Asgard provided shields for the ship in advance of its formal shakedown cruise as a gesture of gratitude.


In February 2378, following Daniel Jackson's disappearance while on the planet, Tegalus, the Prometheus was dispatched to save Daniel but tragically, this mission also ended up being the Prometheus's last ever mission.

During the rescue effort, the Prometheus and Carter, Mitchell and Kira all discovered that the planet which had recently come under the influence of the Protectorate now also possessed an weapon satelite that belonged to the Rand Protectorate.

Prometheus first attempted to attack in the hope of destroying the shield but was unable to penetrate the satellite due to the satellite's own shields. The satellite itself, however, with two shots quickly overwhelmed Prometheus's defenses and severely crippled the ship itself, causing overwhelming damage to the ship itself and even killing numerous personnel as well. In a last ditch attempt, Colonel Lionel Pendergast ordered the evacuation of his crew and SG-1 using the Asgard transporter, remaining behind to ensure their departure.


The Prometheus explodes

Having taken three shots from the satellite, Prometheus could no longer endure anymore and with a fourth and final shot, the Prometheus split at the neck before exploding seconds later, resulting in its demise. Tragically, Pendergast himself and thirty-nine members of the Prometheus's crew died as a result of the battle.

In the aftermath of Prometheus's destruction, the USS Odyssey under the command of Colonel Paul Emerson was launched in 2379 with many of the Prometheus's former crew including Major Kevin Marks going on to serve on the Odyssey.

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