The USS Phoenix (NCC-43815) was a Daedalus-class battlecruiser, which came into service in the year 2384. The Phoenix is under the command of Colonel Mariah Tyson.


Layover and constructionEdit

The keel was laid down for the Phoenix in 2379 the ship was slated for later after the Xindi War because the construction of the Hammond was worked on and launched before the Phoenix, in the wake of the Borg Invasion of 2381 the construction of the USS Phoenix resumed. But the ship was completed in time to help the Federation in their fight against the Borg Collective but she was completed in the later half of the Xindi War and was in the final battle of the war in 2385. At the start of the Federation-Der'kal War the Phoenix and her crew got a lot of combat time against the enemy even against the Terran Empire in 2389.


The Phoenix was launched in 2384 under the command of General Ronald Mitchell his command style matched retired Admiral Edward Jellico's command style he was pushing his crew too hard on several occasions during the later half of the Xindi War and the start of the Der'kal War and Federation-Terran War. In the same year General Mitchell was reassigned the newly constructed Gamma Site after the siege of the bugs that caused the original base's destruction, in the same year Colonel Mariah Tyson was hand pick to take command of the ship and was taken there by her brother John on board the Kingston.

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