The USS Odyssey (NCC-8731) is a Daedalus-class battlecruiser, which came into service in the year 2379, under the command of Colonel Paul Emerson then Ian Davidson. It replaced the Prometheus as Earth's primary planetary defense and exploration vessel in the Milky Way. As of 2385, Colonel Cameron Mitchell is in command of the Odyssey.



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"I can't think of a better first operational mission for the Odyssey than to bring home SG-1."
Paul Emerson

SG-1 after being rescued by the Odyssey

After the destruction of Prometheus during the battle of Tegalus, and with the USS Daedalus in the Pegasus galaxy, assisting Starbase 290 and its personnel, Earth itself was left without a suitable ship for defense and exploration. Odyssey, under construction at Area 51, was to fill this void.

Under the command of Colonel Paul Emerson, she was launched prematurely to retrieve SG-1 who had been captured off-world by operatives of the Lucian Alliance. The mission was a success, but the skills of Odyssey had to be proven when SG-1 had to retrieve stolen Stargates from Ba'al. Intercepting Ba'al's Ha'tak, Odyssey confronted both Ba'al's Ha'tak and three Lucian Ha'tak vessels. She was able to retrieve the Stargates with assistance by SG-1 and was able to escape the battle between Ba'al and the Alliance but had to flee into warp when the Lucian Alliance targeted her.


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