The USS Kelvin (NCC-0514) was an alternate reality Federation Kelvin-class starship, that was in service with Starfleet in the early-23rd century. The ship was 1,500-feet in length and carried a crew of at least 800. She was destroyed by the Narada, a Romulan mining vessel from the future, triggering the creation of the alternate reality.


In 2230, the Kelvin's crew made first contact with the Roylans, visiting their world. Keenser left the planet with the crew whom he had befriended.

USS Kelvin engages the Narada

The Kelvin prepares to ram into the Narada

On stardate 2233.04, the Kelvin encountered a luminous, swirling spatial anomally 75,000 kilometers from the Federation-Klingon border. A Kelvin crewmember remarked that the event resembled a lightning storm in space. The anomaly had been created a black hole generated in 2387 by the detonation of a red matter device, subsequently creating an alternate reality. Initially, personnel aboard the Kelvin supposed that the phenomenon might be of Klingon origin, but a Starfleet base to which the ship was relaying data quickly dismissed the possibility. Moments after the Kelvin arrived at the anomaly, a massive Romulan starship emerged from the swirling currents. Almost immediately, it opened fire on the Kelvin, launching a salvo of torpedos that devastated the Kelvin. The Kelvin's chief engineer and many other officers were killed, its warp drive was disabled, and the ship's main power was reduced to 38%. After the evacuation of the ship, George Kirk set a collision course for the Romulan ship, and the Kelvin was destroyed. The Kelvin was destroyed, but Kirk's sacrifice ensured the survival of the escaping shuttles. While Kirk only served as captain of the Kelvin for a mere twelve minutes, his sacrifice saved the lives of some eight hundred people, including those of his wife and newborn son.


After the Kelvin's destruction, Christopher Pike wrote a dissertation on the Kelvin and the actions of George Kirk, its commanding officer at the time of its destruction. Pike later made reference to this dissertation and his knowledge of George Kirk to Kirk's son, daring him to do better than his father and enlist in Starfleet.

In 2255, the Shipyard Bar in Riverside on Earth featured Kelvin-shaped salt-shakers.

USS Kelvin model

Desktop model of the USS Kelvin

In 2259, a replica of this starship was on display in the office of Admiral Alexander Marcus. The Kelvin Memorial Archive was also named for the ship.

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