The USS Gemini (NCC-1938-B) was Federation Ambassador-class starship in service to Starfleet in the early 24th century.


Much of the original USS Gemini-A crew were transferred to the USS Gemini-B. It was the third Federation starship with the name Gemini.

It was scuttled by its crew during the Federation-Cardassian War in 2357 in order to prevent it's capture by the Cardassians.


  • Commanding officer:
  • First officer
  • Chief engineer
    • Commander Kyle Barnes (2321-2323)
  • Tactical officer/security chief
    • Lieutenant Cras (2321-2324)
  • Communications officer
    • Commander Charlotte Smith McArthur (2315-2319)
    • Lieutenant Carl Jones (2325-2327)
  • Helmsman
    • Lieutenant Synok (2328-2329)
  • Chief medical officer
    • Doctor Lewis Mayweather (2327-2330)
  • MACO Detachment Commanding officer
    • Major George Travis (2330-2332)

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