The USS Collins was a Federation Soyuz class starship in service to Starfleet in the mid-23rd century.


In 2265, the Collins, under the command of Admiral Patricia Carlson, was three days out of Starbase 45 when an explosion rocked engineering. The crew attempted to gain control of the situation, with two engineering teams dying in the process. With the engines building up to a warp core breach, Carlson ordered her crew to the escape pods and sent out a distress call.

The USS Enterprise soon arrived and transported the crew to safety, but Carlson remained on the Collins bridge with shields raised, preventing a beam out. Realizing that Carlson intended to go down with the ship, Enterprise Captain James T. Kirk and his CMO, Leonard McCoy went aboard the Collins and convinced Carlson to accompany them back to the Enterprise, prior to the explosion.

Soyuz class starships
Soyuz - Antares - Ranger - Mercury - Apollo - Ares - Gemini - Vostok - Bozeman - Collins

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