The USS Challenger (NCC-7586) ​is a Federation Sovereign-class starship that was constructed at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, and placed under the command of Captain Gwen Martin in 2371. (Star Trek: Challenger)

​Construction historyEdit

The Challenger was launched in 2371, the Challenger was constructed at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards orbiting Mars. Captain Gwen Martin assumed command shortly after the vessel's christening on stardate 483951.4.

​Service historyEdit

Season One

Shakedown cruiseEdit

Their first mission under Captain Martin was to deliver supplies to the Federation/Bajoran station Deep Space 9 as well as new crew to the recently finished USS Voyager for it's mission to the Badlands to track down the Maquis vessel Val Jean under the command of Chakotay, then proceed to the science station on Epsilon II.

Arriving at Epsilon II, Doctor Aronov revealed that the request for supplies was a ruse to bring a Federation vessel in to protect the scientists against Romulan aggression. Fortunately, the Challenger's crew was able to repel a subsequent attack on the laboratory as expected. During the encounter, the Challenger also defeated a Romulan warbird.

Command PerformanceEdit

All About a GirlEdit

If the Stars Should AppearEdit



​Crew manifestEdit

​Senior staffEdit

​Technology informationEdit


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