The USS Celsius (NCC-3571) was a Federation Kelvin-class starship in service to Starfleet in the 24th century.


In 2381, during the Borg invasion, the Celsius was part of a battle fleet led by the USS Intrepid-A to protect Starbase 74 from a Borg attack. Following the Borg invasion, the Celsius was ordered to patrol the Kaleb system for 3 weeks and returned to Deep Space 9.

In 2387, the USS Celsius was sent across the now defunct Romulan Neutral Zone to search for any Romulans who may have survived the explosion of the Hobus star.

Narada vs the Klingons

A Klingon fleet attacks the Narada

Later General Worf leads a task force to stop Nero's quest for vengeance following the destruction of Romulus. The USS Celsius also joins the battle against the Narada. The task force is quickly overwhelmed and the Narada fires it's advanced weaponry and cripples the USS Intrepid-A with a single volley. Nero demands that Worf deliver himself as a captive. Worf agrees, but uses the surrender as cover to lead an EVA mission onto Nero's vessel. The Klingons meets with initial success, while Worf makes his way to the command center to find Nero. Worf rejects Nero's attempts to persuade him, and is impaled by the vessel's Borg-enhanced mechanisms. Alive but only tenuously, Worf is beamed to the Enterprise as part of a ploy to lower the Starfleet vessel's shields, and is immediately transported to sickbay. Worf is still recovering from the wounds received onboard the Narada. The Intrepid and the Celsius when to chase after Spock, who had launched the Jellyfish to try and stop the Hobus supernova doing any further damage. At Spock's red matter created black hole Nero voiced his fury at Spock's having saved Vulcan, at what Nero considered to be Romulus's escape. But before Nero could take his revenge any further the Narada was sucked into the black hole. As the Narada disappeared Nero promised he would have his revenge. Then the Celsius finds no sign of the supernova, the Jellyfish, or the Narada. Unfortunately, Spock was not found by the USS Celsius.

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