The USS Bozeman (NCC-1941-A) was a Federation Sovereign-class starship in the late 24th century, entering Starfleet service in 2372. Originally designated USS Roderick, the Bozeman was so renamed in honor of Captain Morgan Bateson and the crew of the recently decommisioned original USS Bozeman, a temporally displaced 23rd century vessel. In turn, both vessels were originally named for Bozeman, Montana on Earth, the site of first contact between Humans and Vulcans.

It was constructed at Starbase 12, with completion coming shortly after the work on the USS Sovereign had been completed. Its crew was Bateson and the crew of the original Bozeman. Captain Montgomery Scott also assisted with the vessel's final stages of construction.

The Bozeman-A underwent a trial of fire soon after entering service when, under Bateson's command, she was one of a number of vessels that faced the Borg at the Battle of Sector 001 in 2373.

By 2381, Morgan Bateson had been transferred to the USS Atlas. It is newly promoted Captain Claudia Alisov who succeeded him as commanding officer.

In 2381, the Bozeman-A faced the Borg again at the Battle of Vulcan in an attempt to prevent a Borg fleet of ten cubes from assimilating Vulcan, Bajor, and eventually, Earth. It was damaged by the Borg cube early in the battle.

In Ship of the Line, the Bozeman-A was referred to as a destroyer, but no starship class was given. However, The Future Begins, identifies her as being Sovereign-class vessel and a sister ship to the Enterprise-E.


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