For the primary universe cunterpart, please see USS Aurora (NCC-1766).

The USS Aurora (NCC-1766) was an Constitution class flagship operated by the Federation Starfleet in the 2250s of the alternate reality created by the temporal displacement of the Narada. The Aurora was part of the Starfleet force that battled starships of the Romulan Star Empire in the 2250s. It was commanded by Captain Farrow Traest.


USS Aurora bridge

Aurora's bridge

The USS Aurora featured a saucer section connected by a neck on the rear of the saucer which ran down into the vessel's engineering hull. The primary hull contained the bridge on A-deck, officer and crew quarters on D and E-decks, a personnel transporter room on F-deck, and sickbay on G-deck. The saucer section was also fitted with six phaser battery placements, three dorsal and three ventral, with two batteries at each placement.

The secondary hull housed the ships' engineering facilities, with primary engineering control on N and O-decks, including the vessels' matter-antimatter injection mix warp core, which powered the vessels' warp drive and phasers. At the fore of the secondary hull was the class' navigational deflector, above which were twin type 4 photon torpedo launch tubes. R-deck included the ships' cargo bay and hangar bay, which could house sixteen shuttlecraft and also housed a squadron of fighters. The secondary hull also featured the classes pylons, connecting to twin model FWG-1 warp nacelles.


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