The USS Antares (NCC-501) w as a Federation Antares class supply and survey vessel in service to Starfleet in the mid 23rd century. The Antares had a crew of twenty, and was commanded by Captain Ramart.

In 2266, the Antares was drawn to the planet Thasus and found a 17-year-old human named Charles Evans. Evans exerted his extraordinary mental powers to control the crew of the Antares and arranged a rendezvous with the USS Enterprise, so that they could take Charlie to Earth Colony 5.

Once Charlie was aboard the Enterprise and the crew of the Antares had re-established themselves, they tried to warn Captain James T. Kirk about Evans, but Charlie was able to use his psychokinetic powers to remove the warped baffle plate on the Antares's Nerst generator and destroy the ship, killing all hands.

Charlie was later confronted about this action by Captain Kirk, but he defended his action by saying it would have blown up anyway.

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