Typhuss James Halliwell, also known as Black Mask is a male Human who is a criminal, a member of the Sirens and husband of Selina Kyle.


Early lifeEdit

Typhuss was born in 2349 on August 18th in San Francisco, California on Earth to Patty Halliwell and Victor Bennett.

Later lifeEdit

Black Siren joins the Crime syndicateEdit

Laurel Lance (Earth-40) joins Black Mask's Crime syndicate

Laurel joins Black Mask's Crime syndicate in 2379

In 2379, Laurel heard of a crime syndicate run by Black Mask and wished to join them because she wants to help him in his cause. Laurel joins the syndicate only to find out that Black Mask is really her old friend Typhuss. Laurel became one of his top lieutenants along with her sister, Dinah and Laurel became his top enforcer in the syndicate. Laurel would be sent on various missions in Star City to attack his enemies and to spread fear among his enemies. Black Mask took Laurel as his mistress.

War with The PenguinEdit

"Kill The Penguin, kill that birdie. I want him taken out now!."
— Black Mask to Black Siren and her men

In 2381, the Crime syndicate, Black Mask and Laurel engaged in a gang war with The Penguin. Black Mask ordered Black Siren and her men to kill the Penguin. Laurel and her men attacked Penguin and his men one night outside a nightclub in Gotham City.


Black Mask is served in his crimes by various henchwomen. The following henchwomen listed below have been named: