The Type-9 shuttlecraft, was an auxiliary space vessel utilized by Starfleet for use as an embarked craft from starships.

A standard type-9 shuttle has a top speed of warp 4. However, in 2372, the crew of USS Voyager discovered a new form of dilithium that could remain stable at a much higher warp frequency, and modified the type 9 shuttle to achieve high-warp engine performance, reaching significantly past warp 9.

Type 9 shuttles in Intrepid class hangar

Two type-9 shuttles in an Intrepid-class hangar

A type 9 shuttle's hull is made from a tritanium alloy. As with other Starfleet shuttles of the era, these shuttles were equipped with phasers, and can be retrofitted with photon torpedoes.

According to Tom Paris, the decision to construct the Delta Flyer was based on the fact that "type-9 shuttles just don't cut it in the Delta Quadrant." He added that "we've needed something bigger and better since we got here."


The Type-9 shuttlecraft had been introduced into service by the year 2371. It later became the standard shuttlecraft design incorporated into many starship classes, including the Intrepid-class and the Sovereign-class.

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