The type-4 shuttlecraft (also known as the class G shuttlecraft) was a shuttle design used by the Federation. The type-4 shuttlecraft was used in the 23rd and 24th centuries.


This model of shuttle was functionally identical to the class F shuttlecraft, with many cosmetic differences. Ships of this type entered service in the year 2269 on a provisional basis. One of the early models of this type of shuttle underwent test-flight piloted by Lieutenants Hikaru Sulu and Pavel Chekov in that year, while on leave from the USS Enterprise. However, given her long history of reliability, much like the Excelsior-class, it is unlikely that this shuttle will be phased out of service anytime in the near future. By 2354 the Halliwell family owned a type 4 shuttlecraft, the Reed.


Crew: 2 Passengers: 8 Warp Performance: 1.5 for 12 hours, 1.8 for 6 hours Armament: Normally unarmed; can be modified for 2 Type VI phaser arrays.

Physical arrangementEdit

This type of shuttlecraft had two nacelles, attached to the sides near the ventral hull with two pylons each, and two impulse thrusters facing aft. These thrusters were above and to the side of the rear hatch. The shuttles also had a small, stub wings on the craft's center line. There was also four maneuvering thrusters, located near the corners of the craft. There were two side doors, and the shuttle had a large forward facing window, on the dorsal side of the front of the craft. The forward ventral hull had a large black surface, and a series of landing lights were located in the center of the ventral hull.

By the 2370s, two side windows had been added just forward of the side doors, and the wings had been removed.


Galileo raid crew


The interior of the shuttle had two forward facing seats in the cockpit, with a large center screen located between them. The main cabin had two rows of lights running the length of the ceiling, with a handrail running just below each light. There were inward facing bench seats that lined the sides of the craft with track lighting located beneath them. Shuttles had three weapons lockers located throughout the craft, two were located just aft of the side doors, one on each wall, and there was one located below the center screen in the cockpit.

Known craftEdit

  • Galileo (NCC-1701-A/05)
  • Copernicus (NCC-1701-A/03)
  • Hawking (NCC-1701-D/15)
  • Hoyle (NCC-1701/04)
  • Kepler (NCC-1864/05)
  • King James (shuttlecraft 05)
  • Reed (Halliwell family shuttle)
  • Copernicus (NCC-724656-A/05)
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