Phaser type-1, 2360s

A Type-1 Phaser from 2367

A Type-1 phaser was the smallest, most basic weapon carried by Starfleet and other Federation personnel. Type-1 phasers were typically carried when it was inappropriate to carry a larger weapon, such as on diplomatic missions, or "undercover" work.

The Type-1 had eight adjustible settings, ranging from stun to heat through disruption to disintegration. The 23rd century type-1 in use in the 2260's incorporated a small flip-up sight, and was fired by a trigger on the bottom front of the unit. Several versions of the Type-2 Phaser incorporated a Type-1 Phaser into their design.

A low power variant of the Type-1 was also available. This variant only had three settings, from light to heavy stun. 24th century type-1s could be programmed to fire automatically at set intervals.

In 2362, three unsolved homicides were committed by an assailant using a type-1 phaser on burn setting. In 2366, the murderer was determined to be Starfleet officer Dar Ableen.

In 2369, Benjamin Sisko used one of these particular models of phaser in dealing with Bajoran terrorists placing bilitrium grenades in Deep Space 9's docking pylon 3.

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