The Type-16 shuttlepod is an small, short range auxiliary craft designed to carry two to three passengers for short distance missions, generally ship to ship or ship to surface.

They have been assigned aboard Federation starships since the mid-2360's and are often found aboard Galaxy-class, Nebula-class and several newer starship classes. The Type-16 are composed of duranium, magnesite and carbon composites. They are not normally armed. These shuttlecraft were upsized versions of the type 15 shuttlepod.

Technical informationEdit

The type-16 was primarily built at Starbase 134 at planet Rigel VI in the 2360s decade. These craft had a mass of 1.25 metric tonnes, and were powered by two 750 millicochrane [[impulse driver engines, with four sarium krellide battery cells, and 8 DeFl 635 hot gas reaction control system thrusters. (TNG reference: Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual)

Known craftEdit

  • Albert Einstein
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