The Type-11 shuttlecraft was a Federation shuttlecraft that had been introduced into Starfleet service by the mid-2370s.


Type 11 MSD

Master systems display of the Type 11

At 16 meters long and nearly nine meter wide, the Type-11 was one of the larger shuttles in use by Starfleet. They were fitted with warp drive and had ejectable warp cores. Some were designed to be reconfigurable for multi-mission profiles, and could be outfitted as aquashuttles. This entailed lowering and reconfiguring the warp nacelles to act as pontoons, and fitting stabilizing fins, linear induction thrusters, searchlights, undersea sensor arrays and tractor beam emitters, and extra structural integrity field generators.


In 2375, Jean-Luc Picard and Worf used a type type-11 shuttlecraft assigned to the USS Enterprise-E to capture Data in orbit of Ba'ku. (TNG movie: Insurrection)

The USS Titan carried a complement of eight type-11 shuttlecraft when it was launched in 2378. Four were of the reconfigurable type. (TTN novels: Taking Wing, The Red King, Over a Torrent Sea)

Physical arrangementEdit

Type 11 cockpit

The cockpit

Type 11 shuttle docking clamps

Dorsal docking clamps

This type of shuttlecraft had two engine nacelles attached to the ventral sides of the main body of the shuttlecraft. The cockpit had one large forward facing window and two smaller windows on each side of the craft. This shuttle type was also equipped with dorsal docking clamps and an airlock. Shuttles were also able to fire tachyon bursts from the rear of the craft. The cockpit of a type 11 shuttle had two forward facing seats positioned side by side. There was also one seat on each side of the craft behind the pilot seats. A transporter was located in the rear of the cockpit. They are designed to add an extra capability and flexibility to the larger cargo craft, while still maintaining the creature comforts of standard personnel shuttles.

Bio-Neural gel packs have been included in the type 11 as standard, a step up from the type-10 shuttlepod computer system which offers the gel packs solely as an upgrade. Other technologies added are mostly centered around the warp core and nacelle systems.

The type 11 is equipped with two phaser banks, which can be used as point defense, but are largely ineffective against any craft larger than the shuttle. As with most shuttles, standard operations do not call for weaponry. However, given the more volatile nature of the galaxy under which this craft was built, it was decided that she should at least pack a bit of a punch in case her crew should have to "gun and run" from an escalated situation.

Known type-11 shuttlecraftEdit

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