The Type-10 shuttlecraft was a United Federation of Planets shuttlecraft that was introduced in 2373. They were designed for use with Defiant class starships. These shuttlecraft are the successor to the Type 6 shuttlecraft.

Technical informationEdit

The Type-10 shuttlepod had a small cockpit with room for about four people. The primary power grid was powered by the impulse engines. The grid made no use of antimatter. For this reason it was capable of entering areas of subspace metreon radiation that would normally collapse the dilithium matrix of a warp core. The pod also had back-up power in case the impulse power failed. There were also primary and secondary navigational computers. The pod was protected with deflector shields.

The Type-10's power grid made no use of antimatter, enabling it to safely enter areas of subspace metreon radiation where another vessel would suffer catastrophic warp core damage.

The Type-10 had a stronger hull than the Type 8 shuttlecraft and could polarize its hull plating. It also came equipped with micro-photon torpedoes.


The USS Defiant carried the Type-10 shuttle Chaffee by 2374. Around stardate 51948.3 of that year, Captain Benjamin Sisko, Lieutenant Julian Bashir, and Senior Chief Miles O'Brien deployed in the Chaffee in an attempt to rescue Captain Lisa Cusak of the USS Olympia from a class L planet.

In 2376, the USS Mjolnir was carrying a type-10 shuttlecraft when Captain Kira Nerys came aboard to receive Deep Space 9's new runabout Yolja.

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