The Tria was an Aurora-class ship built by the Lanteans.


During a battle with unknown aliens the ship was damaged, and received word that the Lanteans had left for Earth. Unable to rejoin their fellow Lanteans, the crew upgraded their hyperdrive to make intergalactic trips and the Tria began the long trek to the Milky Way galaxy.

Halfway through the trip their hyperdrive failed irreparably. Unable to turn back, the crew modified their sublight drive to travel at 99.9% of lightspeed. Traveling at this speed they would only experience a few years due to relativity which could be further lessened through stasis.

10,000 years later, as the Federation were testing the new sensors on the Daedalus, the crew of the Daedalus discovered the vessel. When the Tria scanned the vessel and learned of its data on hyperdrive, they made contact and requested assistance in the form of hyperspace travel.

The Daedalus transported its crew back to Starbase Atlantis while the Tria itself was left in the galactic void.

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