Tess Mercer (born Lutessa Lena Luthor) is a female Human born on Earth in 2335 on July 14th. Tess was the former protégée of Lex Luthor and half sister of Lex Luthor and the illegitimate daughter of Lionel Luthor and Pamela Jenkins. Tess became friends with Typhuss James Halliwell in 2360. In 2391, Tess changed her name to Lena Luthor, she uses Tess as a nickname.

Physical appearanceEdit

Tess is Caucasian female in what appears to be the physical condition of one her age, her height is about 5'8 and build thin and moderate. She has fair skin with long curly red hair and light blue eyes. Tess usually wore her hair down or straightened but sometimes had it tied up in a bun when she was working at the Daily Planet or Watchtower. On the occasions when Tess attended social events, she had her hair tied to the side. Tess, like her half-brother Lex Luthor, usually dressed in dark clothing, wearing mostly purples and blacks. She also had a signature gray, button-down coat that she wore a number of times.


Tess is a fine example of what can happen to an indivdual who has been betrayed, abandoned, abused and used by those they loved. While being the meek Tess that Oliver dated, and rescued from the island, she trained herself to become strong, independent, and fierce in her life as well to everyone. Tess cares deeply for the Earth and nature. Tess is capable of great brutality and violence, especially vengeance or if she feels that it is for the greater good. As she progresses showing changes in her personality on-goes as she repeatedly claims that Typhuss has saved her and she becomes more creative in methods to help others.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Tess is a Harvard educated marine biologist and environmentalist. She began at the age of 15 and graduated in only two years.

Tess possesses no superhuman abilities, however she is also proficient at:

  • Deep sea diving: Though by no means an expert, Tess has stated that she enjoys diving as a hobby in her spare time.
  • Kickboxing: Tess Mercer keeps herself in top form and is maintains a regular exercise regime while also practicing kickboxing techniques.
  • Hand-to-hand combat: Tess has being seen to be able to battle many skilled people in a hand to hand combat and most of the times she wins without needing to use a weapon to do it.
  • Aikido, Bo-staff fighting, and various other forms of martial arts.
  • Intelligence: One of Tess's greatest assets is her high level of intelligence and her keen ability to pick up new skills such as:
    1. Take on Lex Luthor's empire.
    2. Run the Daily Planet without having a background in journalism.
    3. Develop the research, hacking and computer skills necessary to become Watchtower 2.0.

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