The USS Kingston is docked at Earth Station McKinley.

​Captain's log stardate 53454.3. The Kingston is docked at Earth Station McKinley for some refitting and a weekly inspection by Vice Admiral Kira, so far nothing bad has happened since the Der'kal War has been over for awhile now and we're slowly recovering.

In main engineering both Commander Tucker and Admiral Kira are climbing up from inspecting the warp plasma regulators, as Typhuss gives him some advice on them that their off by 13%.

Your warp plasma regulators are off by 13 percent, you need to reline them once in awhile says Typhuss as he looks at Commander Tucker.

He looks at the Admiral.

Sir our regulators are well within the specs Commander Tucker says as he looks at the Admiral.

He looks at him.

Who do you think wrote those specs, someone who hasn't been in space says Typhuss as he looks at Commander Tucker.

Commander Tucker was about to say something then the com activates.

Admiral Kira report to the bridge on the double​ Captain Tyson says over the com.

Admiral Kira looks at him and says that he'll be back for another inspection.

I will be back for another inspection says Typhuss as he looks at Commander Tucker then heads to the bridge.

A few mintues later Typhuss walks out of the turbolift and walks onto the bridge.

What's going on says Typhuss as he looks at John.

Captain Tyson looks at Lieutenant Hailey.

Jen show him what you showed me on the main viewer.

Lieutenant Hailey pulls up the speech from First Minister Asarem on the main viewer.

​Today is a dark day for the people of Bajor, we were attacked by the Federation the Enterprise our protector it is why I'm declaring that all Federation officers vacate the Bajoran sector and depart Deep Space 9 and that all Bajoran officers return to Bajor for reassignment to the Bajoran defense fleet thank you​ First Minister Asarem says as the transmission closes.

Typhuss is shocked by this.

No way in hell are we leaving, Deep Space 9 is a Federation starbase and I'm not leaving Bajor, I live there with Kira says Typhuss as he looks at John.