Season One of Star Trek: Archer.


The year is 2373 and the Federation is at war with an alien faction known as the Dominion, and now the Cardassian Union who later joined the Dominion. With the capture of Deep Space 9 the Intrepid-class USS Archer under the command of Captain Kendra Ronston is tasked to keep the Alpha and Beta Quadrant from falling with the help of some of the ships in the Federation including the flagship of the Federation Fleet.


Image Title Number Airdate Planet(s) Race(s) Enemies
Relativity by eaglesg-db14tr0 Deployment 1x01 2018 Human, Klingons Dominion, Cardassians
The Federation is now at war with the Dominion and the USS Archer has been sent to reinforce the Starfleet forces on the front lines.
Broadside attack by euderion-d8qgpux The Front 1x02 March 5th, 2018 Humans Dominion, Cardassians
The Dominion War is raging on throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, as the Dominion quickly recovers from their losses at Torros II. The USS Archer is assigned to the Eighth Fleet to combat a Dominion fleet attempting to take over a vital system for the Federation-Klingon Alliance forces can they hold on or will they face destruction?
"The Invasion of Korvan II" 1x03 2018 Humans, Andorians, Klingons Dominion
The Archer receives a distress call from a colony in sector 887 and when it arrives it finds the planet bombarded, after seaching for the survivors and returning with them people have stated that several ships with bird like designs attacked the colony with great force the Dominion have started their attack on the United Federation of Planets!.
"The Slaughter of Altair IV" 1x04 2018 Andorian, Human, Vulcans Dominion/Cardassians
Silentium Est Aurem 1x05 2018 Humans Dominion
After saving a civilian transport from a Dominion attack the crew of the Archer meets Kyle Clarkson friend of their first officer Commander Adam Mason, but the crew aren't welcoming Kyle aboard do to the incident at a Bolian colony but when the crew is called to support a Talarian colony that is being attacked in the same manner that the transport was it's time for the crew to get to trust Kyle before it's too late.
Moral Actions 1x06 2018 Humans Dominion/Cardassians
Pressure Point 1x07 2018 Humans, Klingons Dominion, Cardassians
Federation fleet prepares to engage Dominion fleet Operation Return 1x08 2018 Bajor Humans, Klingons Dominion, Cardassians
While chasing away a Squadron of Dominion fighters away the Archer was recalled to Starbase 375, for a bold plan created by Captain Benjamin Sisko to retake Deep Space Nine from the Dominion/Cardassian Alliance. But many in the fleet have considers about the plan even Captain Ronston, but when word gets out that the Dominion/Cardassina Alliance is planning to bring down the Minefield and Gowron not wanting to divert the Klingon forces from the border as well as the Ninth fleet being to far away the fleet departs. And soon comes into contact with a fleet of 1,253 ships can the fleet get through the lines or will they face down a fleet of 2,800 Dominion ships?



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