The Archer​ is at high warp on course for it's next mission, in the holodeck Commander H'mepc is exercising with his bat'leth, when the com activates.

​Bridge to Commander H'mepc​ Ensign Mason says over the com.

He stops and speaks to the computer.

Computer freeze program, archway Commander H'mepc says as he gave a command to the computer.

The holograms froze and he walks over to the arch as it appears he presses a button on the panel.

H'mepc here go ahead Ensign Commander H'mepc says as he looks at the screen.

​Commander we're receiving  a distress call on a Klingon channel 4.5 light years along our present course shall I alter course? ​Ensign Mason says on the screen.

H'mepc thinks for a minute.

Very well and wake the Captain Commander H'mepc says as he looks at the screen.

Ensign Mason nods and the channel closes.

The Archer​ slows to impulse speed.

On the bridge it's at red alert as the crew are at their battle stations as Captain Martin turns to Lieutenant Mitchell at tactical.

Jamie what are we looking at? Captain Martin says as she looks at the viewer.

Lieutenant Mitchell looks at the tactical console and reports.

It's an Al'kesh taking on a Klingon battlecruiser K'ting class the Klingon vessel has lost warp drive and her shields are buckling under the assault Lieutenant Mitchell says as she looks at her tactical console and at Captain Martin.

Kelly looks at her then turns to Ensign Wu.

Wendy attack pattern alpha 2, Jamie lock phasers onto the Al'kesh and fire take out weapons only Captain Martin says as she goes to her Captain's Chair.

Both officers comply with their orders.

The Archer moves in and fires the phasers as the blue beam lances out and hits the dorsal shields and takes them out causing damage to the Al'kesh as the Archer flies over the bomber as explosions erupt from the hit points.

On the bridge Lieutenant Mitchell looks at her console then at Captain Martin.

Enemy vessel has lost weapons and she's on a full retreat Lieutenant Mitchell says as she looks at her console and then at Captain Martin.

Ensign Mason reports.

Captain the cruiser has lost power she's on the verge of losing life support Ensign Mason says as he reports to Captain Martin.

She taps her combadge.

Bridge to transporter room 2 lock onto the crew of the battlecruiser and beam them directly to sickbay Captain Martin says as she sits in her chair and nods at Commander H'mepc.

H'mepc heads to the turbolift and heads to sickbay.

In sickbay as the medical teams are helping the injured crew and H'mepc sees the Captain of the battlecruiser and is shocked by who it is.