The Rangers and the Birds are in New York and they see Lex's office building surging with dark magical energies, as they approach the building Lex/Korrag are watching them approach the building Lex does a magical trick they head to the building as four magical seals appear and emerges four former monsters that the Mystic Force Rangers destroyed.

What Mystic Force Red Ranger (Jessica) says as she looks at the four monsters that appeared.

The others are shocked as well.

Missed me Green Ranger Rude Kaiser says as he swings his fore arm blaes.

Then Burst smiles evilly.

Missed me as well Red Ranger Burstinatrix says as she looks at Red Mystic Ranger.

Female Moon Soldier looks at the Yellow Mystic Ranger.

Missed me Yellow Ranger Female Moon Soldier says as she looks at Yellow Mystic Ranger.

The four monsters run towards the Rangers and the Birds as the Rangers fight them off as Red Mystic Rangers looks at the Birds and Typhuss.

Go we've got these guys Red Mystic Ranger (Jessica) says as she looks at them.

Red Arrow (Typhuss) looks at her.

Are sure says Typhuss as he looks at Jessica.

Red Mystic Ranger (Jessica) looks at him.

Yeah go now before Lex has a chance to turn Castrastos evil Jamie go with them make sure they get there Red Mystic Ranger (Jessica) says as she looks at Red Arrow (Typhuss) then turns to her sister.

White Mystic Ranger (Jamie) nods and they head into the building.

AirBellum fights Green Mystic Ranger (John) and Pink Mystic Ranger (Alice) and beating them badly as he strikes them making their suits erupt in sparks and then sends Pink Mystic Ranger (Alice) flying and she rolls, Burstinatrix blasts fire balls at Red Mystic Ranger (Jessica) and gets in hits as her suit erupts in sparks and the same goes for Dark Magician Knight as he's helping Female Moon Soldier fight both Yellow and Blue Mystic Rangers (T.J.) and (Charisse).

In the building White Mystic Ranger (Jamie) and the Birds as well as Red Arrow (Typhuss) are searching the building for Barbara as Red Arrow walks up to White Mystic Ranger (Jamie).

Is there a question Red Arrow White Mystic Ranger says as she looks at him.

He turns to her.