Stargate program

Stargate program

"...whose duties will be to perform reconnaissance, determine threats, and, if possible, to make peaceful contact with the peoples of these worlds. Now, these teams will operate on a covert, top-secret basis; no one will know of their existence..."
George S. Hammond

The Stargate Program was a secret Federation program that coordinated missions to protect the United Federation of Planets from its enemies. The Stargate program was run by Stargate Command, and located in Cheyenne Mountain.

The program involved many leaders and was under the command of the International Oversight Advisory and Homeworld Security under the President of the United Federation of Planets. The program is also involved with operations in the Kaleb system at Starbase Atlantis and the Destiny which like the Stargate Program, has members associated with both civilian life and Starfleet, Starfleet Marines and MACOs.

The program was often associated with MACOs and the Starfleet Marine Corps, Starfleet personnel and Starfleet Intelligence personnel.


The Stargate program was created in 2360 to protect Earth and its inhabitants from its enemies. Eventually, the Stargate program grew to include 12 SG-teams. Over time, it has had about 25 SG-teams on Earth. For over twenty seven years, the program has procured a wealth of knowledge and technology that can properly defend Earth from any threat or danger.

Purpose of the programEdit

The primary intent of the Stargate program is exploration to procure knowledge and advanced technologies that could benefit the protection of Earth and its inhabitants from its enemies.

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