Starbase 32 was a Federation Regula type starbase in service to Starfleet in the 23rd and 24th centuries, located near the Typhon Expanse.


In 2287, the USS Gemini A departed from this starbase to patrol the Typhon Expanse.

In 2354, after graduating from Starfleet Academy, Ensigns John Taggart and Typhuss James Halliwell, Padme Amidala and T'Mia were assigned to Starbase 32.

Ensign Helena Cain was also assigned to Starbase 32. Ensign Sarah Mackenzie was also assigned to Starbase 32 later that year.

Later that year, when Jack Crusher died aboard the USS Stargazer, Captain Picard came to this base to meet with Jack's widow, Beverly Crusher, and present the body to her for the funeral. Picard also faced a court of inquiry at the base following the incident. Shortly thereafter, Crusher resigned her post.

A year later, in 2355, Starbase 32 was the site of the court martial of Captain Jean-Luc Picard following the destruction of the Stargazer.

In 2368, the USS Bozeman, a starship that had been transported to that year from 2278 via temporal rift, was escorted to Starbase 32 by the USS Enterprise-D, where the crew of the Bozeman were questioned by agents of the Temporal Displacement Division, a section of the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations.

It was destroyed in the year 2382, during the Xindi War, but it was replaced as the main Federation stronghold in the quadrant by Starbase 240.

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