Starbase 240 was a Federation Copernicus type starbase in service to Starfleet in the 24th century, located in the Typhon Expanse. Starbase 240 is the same starbase class as the Copernicus Research Station.

It was built in 2383 after the destruction of Starbase 32 during the Xindi War the previous year. It later became an important asset to the Federation and its allies due to its proximity to the front lines of the war with the Xindi-Suliban Alliance.

In 2387, the USS Intrepid-A and the USS Gemini-A, a Federation starship from the 23rd century set a course for Starbase 240 after the Intrepid encountered the USS Gemini-A in the expanse.

By 2389, Captain Ellen Ripley was assigned to Starbase 240 as a Marine Detachment commanding officer, in command of a Starfleet Marine battalion.

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