Star Trek: Challenger
Star Trek Challenger
Abbreviation: ST: CH
Original media: Episodes
Creator(s): Dragonboy546
Setting: 2150s
Location: Alpha and Beta Quadrants
Challenger NX 03

Star Trek: Challenger is an alternate universe story created by: Dragonboy546, is a fan series set in the year 2155-2161 and focuses on the crew of the NX-class Challenger and their missions as United Earth Starfleet officers to defend the Coalition of Planets from the Romulan Star Empire.

This series was developed by the creators and producers of Star Trek: Enterprise that were getting hate mail from the Star Trek fans about the ending in the series finale of Star Trek: Enterprise (These Are the Voyages...), and they started to work on this for the fans and they've casted some really great people for the roles.


During the brutal years of the Earth-Romulan War the Coalition of Planets has pressed the Challenger into service the question is who will command her?

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Season 1 (2155)

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Season 2 (2156)

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Season 3 (2157)

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Season 4 (2158)

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Season 5 (2159)

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Season 6 (2160)

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Season 7 (2161)


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