SVU, 2390

SVU in 2390



SVU squad room

SVU Squad room

The Special Victims Unit (SVU) is a division within the Starfleet Criminal Investigative Service. The Detectives in this division investigate crimes involving sexual assault, the very young, or the very elderly, as well as any crime loosely connected with any of the three. The unit also deals with murder, abduction, robbery. The unit is housed in several different boroughs.

The new commanding officer of SVU is Lieutenant Olivia Benson. It was formerly headed by Captain Donald Cragen from 2360 to 2388.

Known membersEdit

Known members of Special Victims Unit (SVU) include:

Commanding officersEdit

Squad supervisorsEdit

Manhattan SVUEdit

The unit is located within the 16th Precinct in Manhattan, New York City.


The Special Victims Unit works with a special divison of the Manhattan District Attorney's Office called the Sex Crimes Bureau.

  • Alexandra Cabot
  • Casey Novak
  • Kim Greylek
  • Kristen Torres
  • Kendra Gill
  • Garret Blane
  • Samantha Copeland
  • Jo Marlowe
  • Elizabeth "Liz" Cara Donnely
  • Sonya Paxton - Deceased
  • Gillian "Jill" Hardwicke
  • Sherri West
  • Rafael Barba

Other SVUsEdit

The Bronx SVU unit is located in The Bronx. The Brooklyn SVU unit is located in Brooklyn and Detective Chester Lake is a transfer from Brooklyn SVU. The Queens SVU unit is located in Queens.

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