Sharon Valerii is a female Human who is a marine fighter pilot on the USS Intrepid-A. Sharon is a member of the Starfleet Marine Corps. Sharon Valerii or more commonly known by her pilot callsign of Athena is a gifted fighter pilot and Typhuss has confidence in Lieutenant Valerii's military skills, she greatly aids the USS Intrepid-A inside and out of the cockpit.

Lieutenant Valerii is always a member of a marine assault team sent on away missions because of her combat and weapons training. Sharon is best friends with Lieutenant Commander Kara Thrace. As a rookie pilot, Sharon would have bad landings and hit the deck, Typhuss gives her advice and another chance. Sharon thanks him and tells him she owes him one and will pay him back someday. Typhuss says a lot of people owe him one but a lot never pay it back but Sharon promises to pay him back someday when it really means something.

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