Shakaar Edon Kira is a male Bajoran-Human hybrid who is the son of Kira Nerys, a Bajoran woman and Typhuss James Kira, a Human man.

Early lifeEdit

Shakaar was born in 2383 aboard Deep Space 9 on May 17th. Shakaar was named in honor of Shakaar Edon, First Minister of Bajor. Shakaar shared a striking resemblance to First Minister Shakaar Edon, Kira's former lover. Shakaar rarely ever saw his parents, having grown up most of his life under the care of the nannies hired to take care of him and his sister. Shakaar was a farmer on his parent's farm in Dahkur Province. (Star Trek: Intrepid)

Becoming First Minister of BajorEdit

In 2409, Shakaar became the First Minister of the Third Republic of Bajor. Shakaar was popularly elected by the people and serves as the head of the Chamber of Ministers, the Bajoran legislature. A First Minister typically serves a term of six years, although there are no known limits on reelection to the office. Later Shakaar was on Earth with his father, when Typhuss got promoted to Admiral. (Star Trek: Renaissance)

Other universesEdit

Dark mirror universeEdit

In the dark mirror universe, Shakaar was born in early 2374 to Kira Nerys and Typhuss James Halliwell.

Background informationEdit

Shakaar is played by Duncan Regeh as an adult and by unknown actor as a baby and little boy.


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