For the primary universe counterpart, see Seska.

In an alternate mirror universe, Seska is a female Bajoran in the 24th century. In this universe Seska is a Bajoran and not a Cardassian surgically altered to appear Bajoran.


Early lifeEdit

Seska was born on Bajor in November 2340 during the Terran occupation of the planet by the Terran Empire. In 2360, Seska's parents were killed by Terrans they tried to fight them off but they were too weak and they killed her father and then raped her mother and killed her. Then Kira found her. (Star Trek: Terran Empire episode: "Caretaker")

Maquis careerEdit


Seska was part of a Maquis cell operating in the Bajoran sector. The Bajora cell operated in the Bajoran sector and was led by Kira Nerys. They hid in the gravitic anomalies in the Denorios Belt from which they often led assaults on Terran mining station, Deep Space Mining Station 9, commanded by Benjamin Sisko. The Bajora cell main base was hidden on a small planetoid, Ha'Dara in the Denorios Belt. (Star Trek: Terran Empire episode: "Caretaker")

2383 and 2384Edit

In 2383 Shakaar Edon took over as leader of the Bajora cell after Major Kira leaves with Captain Kira to go to his universe. In 2384 Kira returned to take Seska to the primary universe to be free. (Star Trek: Intrepid)


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