Sekaya in 2378
Vital statistics
Title Civillian spitual adviser
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction United Federation of Planets
Status Alive
Location Loran II

Sekaya was a Human female. Sekaya is the sister of the Starfleet Captain Chakotay.


Life on Dorvan VEdit

She was also a resident of Dorvan V as Chakotay had been and stayed on the planet after he had left to join Starfleet. She is described as looking a lot like her brother, so much so, in fact, that they could be twins. She also has a facial tattoo similar to her father's and brother's. Further, she also uses a medicine bundle as her brother does but the contents are very different. Her animal guide is in the form of a majestic deer and her place of meditation while using the medecine bundle is a pine forest. For the most part, the siblings seem to have close relationship. The one exception to this are when Sekaya expresses mild disdain for the fact, in her opinion, that Chakotay had only returned to their people's ways out of guilt and pain over the loss of their father. It is mentioned that both her and her brother would go to what they considered their secret place which was a swimming hole near their home when they were young. This was the place that they traveled to after her brother's return home. It is revealed that she began a romantic relationship with a man from another Native American tribe apart from hers named Blue Water Dreamer. Both she and her brother had been friends with him when they were children. It was during the course of her relationship with Blue Water Dreamer that the Cardassians arrived demanding that the people of Dorvan 5 submit to medical testing under the direction of the scientist Crell Moset. Unknown to the people of the planet the Cardassians where looking for those people who exhibited signs of Sky Spirit DNA. The Cardassian's goal was to discover what potenial the DNA held for telepathic and telekenetic powers among other things. The DNA they sought had been infused into the people of Dorvan 5 while they lived on Earth thousands of years ago by the traveling Sky Spirit aliens. However the purity of the DNA had been dilutted over the course of many generations and finding a pure enough concentration had proved difficult. In the end, Blue Water Dreamer was found to have sufficent concentrations of the DNA within himself and was killed in the course of the scientific experiments performed on him. When he did not come to the family home to undergo the courting rituals to formally ask her father's permission to become involved with her Sekaya was heartbroken. She eventually found out what had happened to him and this amongst other things led the people of Dorvan V to rebel. After these events, Sekaya trained as a Shaman and sought to make a bigger impact then just working in her tribe. Her activities or other assignments prior to being recruited to work with the Loran II colonists is not known.

Loran II missionEdit

In 2378, Sekaya was assigned to the USS Voyager by Admiral Kathryn Janeway to act as a civillian spitual adviser to the group of colonists who were returning to Loran II after having evacuated it during the Dominion War. Disclosing the events of what had happened to her people and to her lover to her brother was difficult and had taken a few seperate attempts for her to work up the courage to do so; finally telling him in shuttle craft en route to the planet's surface. She eventually became entangled in Crell Moset's and the Changling's plan to restore the Changling's powers and exploit the powers of Sky Spirit DNA. She and her brother were both taken hostage by the creatures Crell Moset had creatured using the colonists who remained on Loran 2 as test subjects. She was restained along with her brother and experimented on. In the end, she and Chakotay joined forces in a combined Spirit Walk experience where they worked together in the Spirit world to manifest help from the spirit of Black Jaguar. During this experience, her physical body was fatally injured and she was given the chance to join her beloved Blue Water Dreamer in the afterlife which she refused to do but promised they would together again someday. Thanks to the timely actions of Dr. Kaz her body was healed and she awoke in Voyager's sickbay. In the end, she opted to remain with the Loran II colonists and help them settle on a new world. Her activities after this have not been disclosed.

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