"Her thoughts, her memories, even her emotions -- they are not meaningless to me."
— Samantha Carter (clone) talking about Samantha Carter, 2378

Samantha Carter is a female Human who is a evil clone of Colonel Samantha Carter. In 2378, Sam was allied with the Goa'uld Qetesh.


Background informationEdit

Samantha Carter was cloned by the Goa'uld in 2378 after getting DNA from Colonel Samantha Carter. They programmed the clone with the memories of the original Samantha Carter. The clone Samantha Carter has all the same memories of the real Samantha Carter.


After meeting Typhuss James Halliwell for the first time Samantha became attracted to Typhuss, Sam tried several times to seduce Typhuss so that he would become her lover but Typhuss refused all of Carter's advances, this made Samantha very angry.

As of 2388, Sam has not been seen for ten years. Sam may be hiding with Qetesh from the Federation.


Despite being modelled on the original Samantha Carter, clone Samantha Carter is completely different from her original human twin in terms of personality. Having been forced to go through intense training by her creators, the Goa'uld which involved clone Samantha Carter seemingly killing her original self's colleagues again and again, this damaged her to some degree and as a result, clone Samantha Carter is no longer capable of feeling guilt, regret or even mercy at all. This in turn has transformed her into a brutal, emotionless killing machine who lives only to control or use others for her own needs and to also cause destruction while also hoping to take over the galaxy. As a result, of her manipulative nature, she may fit the description of being a sociopath. She is the exact opposite of the human Carter in a sense that she is ruthless. She is also merciless, sparing no guilt for killing any of her victims. However, she was also very arrogant, as shown most keenly in her confrotnation with Typhuss James Kira during their first encounter in 2378.

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