Riverside Shipyards

A Constitution class starship being built at Riverside Shipyard's Sector 47

The Riverside Shipyard was the Starfleet shipyard 2-1A construction facility located in Riverside, Iowa, Earth. The USS Gemini-A was constructed there in the 2280s. The shipyard was a location from where cadets for Starfleet Academy embarked.

In the alternate reality created by Nero, the USS Enterprise was constructed there in the 2250s. After the destruction of a sizable portion of the fleet by the Narada in 2258, it has been undergoing an expansion as production ramps up to rebuild a diminished but re-emerging Starfleet.


In the mid-2250s, the USS Enterprise was constructed at the Riverside Shipyard. The shipyard was also an embarcation point from where Starfleet Academy cadets would travel to their training facilities. According to the ship's dedication plaque, although constructed in Iowa, the Enterprise was launched from the San Francisco Fleet Yards.

In 2255, James T. Kirk boarded the military shuttle Bardeen at the Riverside Shipyard after Christopher Pike dared him to enlist in Starfleet and do better than his father the night before at the nearby Shipyard Bar.

In 2259, one of the news feeds from UFP News showed a reporter doing a news piece from the shipyard.

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