Richard Robau was a male Human Starfleet officer, serial number SA-476-2549-CM. He was born in Sagua La Grande, Cuba and was the commanding officer of the USS Kelvin in the early 23rd century. His first officer was George Kirk, father of James T. Kirk.


In the 2230s, Robau commanded the Kelvin with Lieutenant Commander George Kirk as his first officer. Robau led in the Federation's first contact with the Roylan people in 2230.

Kelvin timelineEdit

USS Kelvin engages the Narada

The Kelvin prepares to ram into the Narada

In the beginning of an alternate reality chain of events caused by time travel, Robau and Kirk both had their lives cut short by an attack by the 24th century Romulan starship Narada, under the command of Captain Nero. After several Kelvin crewmembers were killed by the Narada's opening salvo, Robau agreed to take a shuttlecraft to the Narada to discuss terms with the Romulans. In truth, Nero's offer of discussion was to obtain information about his vessel's location. After Robau informed Nero that the year was 2233, Nero used the Debrune teral'n to kill the Starfleet officer.

After the Narada was disabled by the suicide run of the USS Kelvin, Nero ordered Xandr to throw Robau's body thrown into the replicator system so as not to let the body "go to waste." Before the destruction of the body, the Narada was captured by Kor's forces. Robau's corpse was taken by the Klingons for other unknown purposes.

Ambassador Spock's commentary about George Kirk's survival of serving on the Kelvin in the unchanged timeline indicates that Robau probably had a longer life in the unaltered chain of events as well.


The novelization of the film lists his first name as Pierre, however this detail is in contradiction to canon, where the film displayed his name as "Robau, R.".

Both Captain Robau and First officer Kirk wore blue uniforms, which is an indication that, in the Starfleet uniform issue of the 2230s, blue was the color that signified command division personnel.