Replicator Weir, also known as Replicator Elizabeth and referred to as RepliWeir is a Human-form Replicator created by another human form replicator, created in the image of Elizabeth Weir.

She began to sense members of Niam's faction that were still alive. She became the leader of the remnants of this group and helped them flee from their puritan cousins. There was only nine of them including Weir, and at some point they fled Asuras in an Aurora-class battleship to pursue Ascension but always having to look over their shoulders due to the continued existence of Oberoth and the other Asurans who wanted to destroy them. They ultimately learned of Asuras's destruction and sought to finally achieve ascension through artificial means. (Star Trek: The New Generation)

But somehow she became a member or leader of a group of Asurans that left the main group. Weir believes that with the Asurans dead, they can implement their plan without having to look over their shoulders anymore. (Star Trek: The New Generation episode: "Be All My Sins Remember'd")

However, this achievement was unfulfilling as it was not true ascension. They attempted to regain their corporeal forms at Starbase Atlantis but Koracen's betrayal (which ended with him being killed by Weir) resulted in the remaining members of Niam's faction being deceived by the Atlantis team and led through a transporter and left in the vacuum of space where they were incapacitated. (Star Trek: The New Generation)