"Her thoughts, her memories, even her emotions -- they are not meaningless to me."
— Replicator Carter talking about Samantha Carter, 2378

Replicator Carter, also known as Replicator Sam or Repli Carter, is a Human-form Replicator created by another human form replicator known as Fifth in the image and also physical appearance of Major and later Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter.

Although she was intended to be Fifth's consort, Replicator Carter later rebelled against Fifth and upon his death, became the new leader of the Replicators.

For over a year and a half, Replicator Carter also led her fellow Replicators into battle and came close to seizing total control of the entire Milky Way galaxy as well as killing many Goa'uld System Lords.


Background informationEdit

Samantha Carter (replicator)-2

The newly created Replicator Carter emerging from her blocks for the first time

She was made in the real Major Samantha Carter's image, even down to memory and character. However, the differences between Samantha Carter and Replicator Carter have become quite pronounced due to Fifth's training of the latter which had Replicator Carter going through various scenes which ended with her killing her own colleagues and friends in cold-blood. This over time resulted in Replicator Carter becoming a megalomaniac, ruthless, dominating conqueror with a strong thirst to achieve power by any means. She also believed that these traits were also within the original Samantha Carter, as "all humans desire power". According to Replicator Carter, the only difference between the two is that Samantha never had the bravery, or means, to act upon it. Replicator Carter was solely constructed from the conjoinment of a large number of identical Replicator "blocks". Human-form Replicators, as their name suggests, take perfect human form, and are composed of much smaller blocks (i.e. nanites) than standard Replicators.

She was made in the real Major Samantha Carter's image, even down to the original's own memory and character. The information used was probably collected while Carter was imprisoned by Fifth. Replicator Carter is also connected to the Replicator data-stream called "The Link". This led to Fifth falling in love with Samantha Carter, and when he realized he could not have a relationship with her in the form he desired, he created a perfect replica of her which he hoped would accept him. Fifth intended for Replicator Carter to govern the Replicator race with him, and to be his consort. Due to his infatuation with Samantha, he made her exactly in her image, down to her memories and character. However, this in part led to her despising what he was trying to do as much as the original Samantha Carter would have.

Betraying Replicator WeirEdit

In 2387, SG-1 went to P4X-351 to capture Replicator Weir and Replicator Carter. Samantha Carter and Typhuss James Kira were about to capture Replicator Weir when Replicator Carter turned on Replicator Weir. Replicator Carter was taken to Earth to Stargate Command.


Replicator Carter possessed the typical abilities of a Human-form Replicator, but at a stronger level than any displayed before and a few not seen in other Human-form Replicators:

  • Access to the Replicator subspace network: Through the Replicator subspace network, Replicator Carter possessed the ability to communicate with other Human-form Replicators such as Fifth. She was also capable of using this to share information she learned amongst the collective to help absorb the information.
  • Replicator mind probing: Like all Human-form Replicators, Replicator Carter possessed the ability to read another being's mind by inserting her hand into their forehead. However, for someone with the right knowledge, using this ability left her own mind open to being entered in return.
    • Memory sharing: Using the mind probe, Replicator Carter displayed the ability to show others some of her memories.
    • Illusion: Like other Human-form Replicators, Replicator Carter was capable of implanting elaborate illusions inside of the being she was probing's mind. Replicator Carter was able to use these illusions in an elaborate fashion to both communicate with her victims and trick them into opening their minds to her as she did Doctor Daniel Jackson and Typhuss James Kira.
  • Replicator Collective control: After killing Fifth, Replicator Carter gained control of the entire Replicator collective and through it, every Replicator in existence.
  • Invulnerability: As a Human-form Replicator, Replicator Carter was invulnerable to harm, particularly after she rendered the Replicator disruptor useless.
  • Technopathy: By sticking her hand into machines in a similar manner to a mind probe, Replicator Carter was capable of taking control of them.
  • Shapeshifting: Unique to her, Replicator Carter displayed the ability to selectively alter parts of her body. Replicator Carter first demonstrated this by deactivating one of her own arms and causing it to fall to pieces in order to escape. She was later capable of shifting her right arm into the form of a silvery sword to use as a weapon against enemies.


Unlike the original Sam Carter who is beyond by loyalty as well as a strong duty to protect the world and the galaxy from all kinds of grave danger, Replicator Carter was psychopathic and incapable of displaying any mercy whatsoever or even guilt for her actions.

This presumably stemmed from the intense hatred she feels for her creator, Fifth due to the fact that Replicator Carter was forced to participate in numerous training scenarios that saw Replicator Carter killing her original self's colleagues many, many times and also because she quite possibly saw Fifth as nothing than a weakling and as a result of her training, Replicator Carter was no longer capable of feeling guilt, regret or even mercy at all which in turn transformed her into a brutal, emotionless killing machine incapable of feeling anything resembling emotions or feelings.

In addition, Replicator Carter had no qualms or restrictions restraining her or even holding her back and as such, she sought to conquer the galaxy by any means necessary. She was also merciless, sparing no guilt or remorse for the many crimes she had committed which included killing those she usually captured or whom she attacked, prime examples being Fifth, Lord Yu and Dr. Daniel Jackson.

Replicator Carter also displayed both sociopathic and psychopathic traits. She also subjected her victims to torture or deceit by using a mind-probe to acquire the information she needed before murdering them after deeming that they had outlived their usefulness to her.

Also like the Goa'uld System Lord, Anubis, Replicator Carter had a habit of double-crossing her enemies or rather going back on her word or the promises she had forged with others. This was clearly demonstrated when her Replicator brethen invaded Stargate Command and began attacking the personnel there despite Replicator Carter having apparently promised Typhuss that she would not invade or even attack the SGC for that matter

However, despite supposedly being strong with no flaws or glitches, Replicator Carter did have one key weakness: like the Goa'uld that came before her, she was very arrogant which ultimately proved to be her downfall, as her attempt to access Typhuss James Kira's subconscious gave him the chance to infiltrate her mind- something she believed he was incapable of- and delay her forces long enough for his teammates to turn the tables on her.

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