"...the Apollo and the Daedalus have been retrofitted with the new quantum phasers which—given—are very, very powerful..."
Rodney McKay

Quantum phasers being fired from two 304's

Quantum phasers are a new type of powerful phasers, designed by Samantha Carter and Typhuss James Kira.

In the FederationEdit

Anti-Borg technologies almost have to be researched; a line must be drawn and formidable defenses must be designed if the Federation wants to survive another attack, and the possibility of a multiple ship attack. This technology was theoretical as of 2375 and in testing as of 2379. Primary weapons such as phasers are effective until a point is reached that all modulations are ineffective against Borg shields. That is the problem we are addressing. It is our goal to create a phaser weapon capable of multiple modulations and also powered by harnessing zero-point energy as quantum torpedoes do to make them more powerful as well as more effective against the Borg. The technology constructing a phaser array made up of individual emitters that fire the same way conventional phasers do, with a twist. The discharge is made up of several beams with their own modulation, thereby hitting the opponent's shields with multiple modulations. Before reading the example remember that a typical quantum phaser bank would be made up of thousands of emitters, therefore hitting Borg shields with a phaser beam made up of at least 500 streams from the emitters. The individual emitter would share the circumference of a basketball.


Instead of firing pulses of energy like most energy weapons, quantum phasers release a narrow, high-intensity beam of super-heated plasma which is capable of overloading and penetrating even the most advanced shields and burning through the hulls and internal structures of an enemy vessel with comparative ease, causing heavy damage to the target; if the beam hits a critical area ships can be destroyed with only two to three shots. While there are energy weapons that can discharge more raw power at once, capable of splitting ships in half with just one shot and cutting through offending barriers with frightening efficiency, they require an extended period of time and significant power to charge. The advantage of quantum phasers lies in their ability to come online and charge at an incredibly rapid rate (using up relatively little power in the process) and deliver several consecutive shots in only a few seconds, overwhelming enemy defenses while they are still recovering from the previous hits.

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