Navaar was an Orion female living in the 24th century who was a Orion slave girl. In 2350, Navaar started to date a Human named Typhuss James Halliwell prior to joining Starfleet six months later. Navaar is the current living descendant of the Orion slave girl Navaar of the 22nd century. Navaar was able to control her pheromones and control men through her pheromones. Navaar has a sister named Malina.

Life as an Orion slave girl/sex slaveEdit

In 2360, Navaar would end up as a slave for an Andorian pirate and trade smuggler named Sha'Kev. Sha'Kev would often force Navaar to have sex with him. Most aliens treated her like trash, extending a hand only for sexual favors. Many times Navaar would find herself stranded unless she relented, but her pheromones proved to be a worthy tool to use against these situation, and make her escape. Over the next 24 years, Navaar would use her pheremones to cloud the judgement of Sha'Kev's clients, and was often lent out for sexual gratuities.

In 2384, Navaar and Malina persuaded a Bolian captain to smuggle her back to Federation space, only to have Sha'Kev's henchmen chase her. Navaar and Malina vowed they would never divulge any of Sha'Kev business dealings, as long as he would release them from his services. At first it appeared he would comply, but an attempt was made on their lifes that killed several civilians on a passenger starship, proved to her Sha'Kev would find them and silence them for good. Navaar and Malina were able to get away from Sha'Kev, when he was being chased by the Starfleet Criminal Investigative Service, Navaar and Malina were freed from being a slave to Sha'Kev by SCIS officers Typhuss James Kira and Olivia Benson.

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