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The United Earth Military Assault Command Operations , also known as Military Assault Command Organization (commonly abreviated as MACO), also known as Starfleet Military Assault Command Operations or known as Starfleet Military Assault Command Organization (commonly abreviated as SMACO or MACO) during the time of the Federation in the 24th century, was a United Earth Military organization during the 2150s, prior to the founding of the Federation, which later served the United Federation of Planets in the 24th century. The MACOs (pronounced "MAY-ko") were not originally associated with Starfleet. As of 2153, MACO weapons and technology were three years more advanced than those of United Earth Starfleet. The MACO motto was Semper Invictus, Latin for "forever invincible".

The military official that oversaw MACO was a High General. MACO posts included Atlanta, Georgia and the Janus loop. Training posts included the old United States Army Station at West Point in New York, and others in Chicago, San Francisco, London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, and ShiKahr on Vulcan.

Following the foundation of the United Federation of Planets, the organization was disbanded.

In 2375, following the end of the Dominion War, MACO was integrated into Starfleet, and its members were reassigned to the operations division of Starfleet. However, they retained their operating ranks and some independence from Starfleet.


The Military Assault Command Operations was founded in 2133, as a military alliance by the European Hegemony and several western nations, including the United States and Canada. It later transitioned as the primary ground force of United Earth. In 2151 through 2160, MACO was commanded by High General George Casey.

A detachment of troops commanded by Major Joss Hayes was assigned by High General Casey to the starship Enterprise (NX-01) for its mission into the Delphic Expanse in 2153, upon request by Captain Jonathan Archer. They saw their first action six weeks into the mission; in September, Hayes and a six-man team rescued Archer, Commander Tucker, and Kessick from the clutches of a trellium mining planet.

In 2155, during the Earth-Romulan War, the Military Assault Command Operations were heavily involved in the ground scale engagements against the Romulans. They were known to have suffered losses at Deneva and Berengaria VII by sneak attacks from the Romulan Star Empire. Due to Starfleet's limited number of ships, there were fears on how to get MACO troopers to the front lines without adequate ship support.

Following the Romulan War and the founding of the United Federation of Planets, most of MACO was absorbed into the Federation Starfleet as Starfleet Security, with the rest becoming the Starfleet Marine Corps. Some MACO officers joined Starfleet, such as Major Balthazar M. Edison, who became captain of the USS Franklin.

MACo insignia

The MACO insignia in an alternate timeline

In 2375, following the end of the Dominion War, MACO was integrated into Starfleet, and its members were reassigned to the operations division of Starfleet. However, they retained their operating ranks and some independence from Starfleet.

Some Starfleet ships had MACO squads on board such as the USS Gemini-A, a Excelsior class starship, the USS Gemini-B, a Ambassador class starship, commanded by Major George Travis and the USS Intrepid, a Galaxy class starship and the USS Intrepid-A, a Sovereign class starship, commanded by Major/Corporal Sascha Money.

MACOs have consistently demonstrated a level of competance in small-unit-tactics, close-quarters-combat, and even hand-to-hand combat that put Starfleet Security from any era to shame. MACOs fought in the Undine War in the 25th century.

MACO patchesEdit

MACO personnelEdit

Uniforms and equipmentEdit

Maco-Starfleet-combat, North Star

MACO personnel alongside Starfleet officers

The MACO uniforms and equipment were worn by United Earth military personnel in the 22nd century and later in the 24th century by MACO officers of the Federation.

Combat uniformEdit

The standard combat uniform worn by MACO personnel was a two piece uniform with matching undergarment, gloves and boots. The overall color of the combat uniform and boots was gray with white, black, and brown camouflage effects. The belt, gloves and undergarments were a brown color. This uniform was worn in and out of combat.

Environment suitEdit

N. Myers

The MACO environmental suit

MACO issued its own environmental suits, distinct from the ones used by contemporary Starfleet personnel. MACO EV suits had a silver color, with support systems located in a backpack. The helmet featured two lights in a more central position than on the Starfleet suits. The MACOs still used this environmental suit in the 24th century.

Arms and equipmentEdit

MACO soldiers were often outfitted with a diverse set of accessories and weapons. The former included canteens.


Particle rifle with extended barrel

A sniper particle rifle with scope and extended barrel


A hard-shell backpack, of a similar design as used by Starfleet, was used to carry additional equipment or armament.

Equipment beltEdit


The equipment belt, with a pistol holster and pistol charges on the left, and scanner and stun baton on the right side

An equipment belt was normally worn, carrying the stun baton, two stun grenades, the holstered phase pistol, three phase pistol charges, and a hand scanner.

By the 24th century, the equipment belt carried the stun baton, two stun grenades, the holstered phaser pistol, three phaser pistol charges, and a tricorder.

Combat timelineEdit

2153 (September)Edit

  • Rescuing Captain Archer and Commander Tucker from a Trellium mining planet
  • Trying to fend off an Osaarian boarding party
  • Battling on the Loque'eque homeworld
  • Trying to fend off a Xindi-Reptilian boarding party
  • Providing escort for Enterprise officers on the Seleya

2153 (October)Edit

  • Providing escort for Enterprise officers on the Xindi-Arboreal colony
  • Providing backup on a Human colony in the Expanse

2153 (November)Edit

  • Taking back Enterprise from Triannon hijackers

2153 (December)Edit

  • Guarding the prisoner Degra
  • Providing combat training for Enterprise officers
  • Containing a Sphere Builder test subject

2154 (January)Edit

  • Assisting Captain Archer in a possible mutiny situation

2154 (February)Edit

  • Raiding an Illyrian vessel
  • Providing escort for Enterprise officers inside a Delphic Expanse sphere
  • Recovering Ensign Hoshi Sato from a Reptilian vessel
  • Assisting in destroying the Xindi superweapon
  • Repelling a Sphere Builder boarding party
  • Accompanying Archer to a meeting with Vosk on 1944 Earth

2154 (May)Edit

  • Escort and guard for the prisoner Arik Soong
  • Attempt to fend off an Augment boarding party
  • Attempting to take back Cold Station 12 from the Augments

2154 (November)Edit

  • Escort and guard of Tellarite delegation
  • Boarding the Romulan drone-ship
  • Attempting to fend off a Klingon Augment boarding party

2154 (December)Edit

2161 (October)Edit

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