For the similar, larger type of craft, please see Maquis raider.

The Maquis fighter was a type of small and maneuverable shuttle used by the Federation and later commonly utilized by the Maquis as a fighter craft in their fight against the Cardassians.

This type of ship had a shuttle-size cockpit with seating for two, and a cargo area in the aft section. The ship's warp drive emitted a Federation warp signature.


Maquis fighter in combat

A Maquis fighter in combat

In late 2370, Lieutenant Ro Laren used one of these ships to mount a staged "raid" against the USS Enterprise-D in order to obtain medical supplies for her Maquis cell. The same ship was later used by Ro and Commander Riker during an aborted trap set by Starfleet and the Cardassian military to put an end to the cell.

Ships of the classEdit

  • Alpha Nine
  • Alpha Seven