Kira Hoshi Sato is a female Bajoran-Human hybrid who is the daughter of Kira Nerys, a Bajoran woman and Typhuss James Kira, a Human man. Hoshi was born in 2379 aboard the USS Intrepid-A. Hoshi was named in honor of Hoshi Sato of the NX-class starship Enterprise (NX-01).

Early lifeEdit

Hoshi was born on the USS Intrepid-A in 2379 on November 18th. It was her father who named her Hoshi Sato in honor of Hoshi Sato of the NX-class starship Enterprise (NX-01). Hoshi shared her parents' attention for the most part, being well-treated and given as much attention as possible. At a young age Hoshi stated that she wanted to join Starfleet like her father, Typhuss James Kira. Hoshi lived with her parents on Bajor in Dahkur Province. However, as time went on and the careers of both parents became more demanding, full-time nannies were hired to take care of and raise their children. Hoshi was a farmer on her parents' farm in Dahkur Province.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

Hoshi left Bajor and traveled to Earth in 2394 to begin her studies at Starfleet Academy. Hoshi thrived in her new environment on Earth. Respectful, Hoshi was well regarded by her instructors and most of her fellow Starfleet cadets. Hoshi spent most of her time studying and exploring her new home. Hoshi succeeded academically, even among the advanced atmosphere of Starfleet Academy, and in her fourth year, emerged as a contender for the top position in her class. In 2398, Hoshi graduated from Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet careerEdit

By the year 2399, Hoshi was serving as a security officer and as the operations officer aboard the USS Intrepid-A. By 2400, Hoshi was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade. In 2409, Hoshi was promoted to Lieutenant. Hoshi was on Earth with her father, when Typhuss got promoted to Admiral.

Other universesEdit

Dark mirror universeEdit

In the dark mirror universe, Kira Hoshi Sato was born in 2379 to Kira Nerys and Typhuss James Halliwell.

47th universeEdit

In the 47th universe, Kira Hoshi Sato was born in 2394 to Kira Nerys and Typhuss James Halliwell.

Background informationEdit

Kira Hoshi Sato is played by unknown actress as an adult and as a baby and little girl.