The K class was a deep space station and starbase design in service to the Federation Starfleet in the 23rd and 24th centuries. In service from at least the early 2240s.

The K-class station consisted of a cone-shaped command tower on the dorsal surface of a discus-shaped primary hull. This was connected to a drum-shaped secondary hull which housed a shuttle bay. Branching out from between the two hulls were three arms, located at the end of each one was a smaller discus-shaped module topped with an office or habitat tower.

Technical dataEdit

Physical arrangementEdit

The 30 decks of the K-class and the three outboard modules labeled K-A, K-B and K-C mainly consisted of storage areas and industrial fabrication facilities. Among the recreational areas available on the station was a bar frequented as a hangout for many of the station's personnel. The manager's office featured a two person transporter pad. The station had two docking bays for small starships and auxiliary spacecraft. These shuttlebays were visually numbered; "1" being on the port side, and "2" on the starboard side.

Stations commisionedEdit

  • Deep Space Station K-7
  • Starbase K-5
  • Deep Space Station K-12
  • Deep Space Station K-13
  • Starbase 2
  • Drozana Station

Alternate realityEdit

  • Deep Space K-11

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