This page details Jonathan James Halliwell in the primary universe; for the Jonathan James Halliwell in the mirror universe see Jonathan James Halliwell (mirror).

Jonathan James Halliwell was a male Human Starfleet officer in the 23rd and 24th centuries, who was the commanding officer of USS Iowa from 2339 to 2350.

Jonathan was married to Penelope Halliwell from 2338 to 2350, when he was killed by the Romulans. In 2388, Admiral Jonathan James Halliwell got command of the USS Iowa-A after he was back in the Federation.

Early lifeEdit

Jonathan was born on August 22nd in 2286 on Earth to Robert James Halliwell and his ex-wife. At the age of 10 Jonathan knew he wanted to be in Starfleet and command a ship of his own.

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