John Walker is a male Human in the 24th century who is a Starfleet Captain who served in Starfleet and is in command of the USS California.

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location assignment dates rank or rate assignment insignia rank insignia
Starfleet Academy student officer 2341-2345 cadet Starfleet 2270s cmd insignia

2273 Ep Red

USS T'Pol conn officer 2345-2346 ensign Starfleet 2280s insignia 2270s-2350 cmd ensign 2270s-2350 ens sleeve
USS Sato conn officer 2346-2347 lieutenant junior grade Starfleet 2280s insignia 2270s-2350 cmd ltjg 2270s-2350 ens sleeve
USS Reed conn officer 2347-2348 lieutenant Starfleet 2280s insignia 2270s-2350 cmd lt 2270s-2350 lt sleeve
USS Republic first officer 2348-2350 lieutenant commander
Starfleet 2280s insignia 2270s-2350 cmd ltcmdr 2270s-2350 lcdr sleeve
TWOK commander 2270s-2350 cmdr sleeve
USS California CO 2350-present captain Starfleet 2360s insignia
Starfleet 2370s insignia
2350s-2360s command capt
2370s cmd capt

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